I have the old 4.4.2 version. How do I install the 6. version I just bought

(Ron Nelson) #1

help installing 6.0 I currently have the 4.4.2 version. now what

(Marten Claridge ) #2

Hi Ron,

How are you getting on? You didn’t give us very much to go on which is probably why you got no response. The more detail you can give us about what you’ve tried and what hasn’t worked gives us a much clearer indication of where we can start helping you…


(Ron Nelson) #3

I HAD TO GO WITH 5. 0 how do I put the photo in the background in stead of the color. I am using HV XLL.

(Henk Vrieselaar) #4

Hi Ron,
It’s simple to add photos to the background of this theme: drag your photo in the Resources of RW5/RW6 (you’ll find this in the left column of your RW window).
Now paste this in the Custom Header:

<img src="%resource(images/your_image.jpg)%" onerror="this.style.display='none'" class="bg">

Replace the name your_image.jpg with the name of your own image. In preview your image shows up.

I hope this helps.