Problems with placing full page photo in background of HV-XXl theme

(Ron Nelson) #1

I have placed a photo under resources on left side of page. I have copied into the Header box and then placed the name of the image into the proper place.
still no luck when I hit preview. anyone have this problem or kindly give me the steps. I may be missing something. A step by step answer would help.

  1. do this
  2. then do this
  3. and then click here

I hope you get the point. I am not very good on rapid weave yet. just upgraded ($$$$$) to 5.4.1 and I don’t know if I should have bothered. was looking to try some new themes but for the time being I would just like to make changes to my existing theme.

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #2

As I do not have that theme two pieces of information would help me see if I have a solution for you or if we can find now together.

  1. The URL to the product page for the theme
  2. A URL to a published version of project you are working on



(Marten Claridge ) #3

Please show us a screenshot of the code you have placed in the Header box.

RapidWeaver Central

(Ron Nelson) #4

here is the url the web page having problems with

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #5

Just to clarify, is the background that is being displayed in that published page the background that you want, but you are not able to see the background while in preview mode?