I lost all my stacks and themes! PLEASE HELP!

When I lost the ability to preview pages the other day in RW 7.15 I tried everything to get the feature back, including deleting and reinstalling RW. Then It wanted me to re-initiate the license info and now all my themes I had purchased from 3rd party developers and my huge stack library is gone, in addition to all my addons. I know they are somewhere on my computer. How to I get them to work again? I AM IN CRISIS MODE HERE!

All plugins, stacks and themes are located in your home folder in
Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver/Data/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver

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How do I activate them so they work with in Rapid Weaver ? I think what happened was when I deleted rapid Weaver some other files were deleted i.e. preference file or something that made all of this work together. Any idea on how to fix this. I have time machine on my Mac. Is there a way to go back and restore some of the files in the library?

Thank you Frank for your response. Do you know how I can link up my stacks in theme so that they work again in rapid Weaver?

In RapidWeaver, open the “RapidWeaver” menu and press the alt-key on your keyboard. The command “Manage Addons” should change into “Reveal Addons Folder”. This opens the folder in the Finder where all your addons for your current RW version should be stored. If this folder is (almost) empty, copy your addons from the previously mentioned location or Time Machine into this folder. No “activation” needed.

If you do the same with the RapidWeaver preferences file (in Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver/Data/Library/Preferences), your serial number(s) should be back, too.