SOLVED Help needed: Themes are missing after I deleted older versions of RW

Hello, I’d appreciate help:
I recently deleted around 10 older versions of Rapidweaver which I had saved separately on my HDD. Now I wanted to open a project and I get the warning that a certain theme is missing, as well as a number of stacks. The same message comes when I open another project.
The problem remains even after I re-installed the deleted versions by way of Time Machine.

Can anyone give me counsel how I can restore lost themes etc.?
Thank you in advance!

If they are addon themes, they should be stored in the addons folder. Starting with RW7 you can choose where the addon’s folder is stored.

You could do a search in TimeMachine for the file. In RW8 the folder is called Themes where the addon themes are stored.

What’s strange is you said you deleted a version of Rapidweaver. That shouldn’t have deleted the themes.

Henk Vrieselaar themes were taken over by @willwood, the latest version of the Tabs Theme can be found here:

Hi Doug,
I appreciate your response. But I feel lost. It seems all the important themes that I use in my projects are gone, plus stacks and plugins, even the stack Stacks!
Can you tell me where to look for the folders where these components are stored? Maybe I can find a copy on Time Machine if I look specifically for this / these folder(s)? Restoring the deleted older versions of RW (from version 7.55 through 8.30) has not helped.
Thanks a lot.


I moved my addons folder a long time ago to a place that was easy to find. So I can’t tell you how accurate this KB article:

That would be a good place to start assuming you never moved it.

All the stuff you say is missing is in that folder. You can also try searching TimeMachine for file extensions like
.stack or .rwtheme or .rapidweavertheme

When I open RW 8.4.1 and go to the Addons-Folder, the folder is completely empty. It seems ALL stacks and plugins I ever got the last 15 years are gone…
Man, is this crazy. But maybe it is my confusion…
I think I will quite for today.

The folders will always be there, you deleted the ones that had all the content. RW will create the folders if they don’t exist. You need to find where they were located. The ones you are pointing to now are empty.

Did you go back in time machine and look for prior to the deleting?

Did you check the location given in the KB article above back in time machine prior to deleting?

I thank God, and you, for your help - problem solved!
The name of the folder was different than all the info I read (see screenshot below). But once I got it, now after a good sleep, I was able to find a version on Time Machine prior to the deletion.
Thanks once again for you help!!!

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Glad you got it back.

Now that you have found it and have things back working again, I’d move it to someplace you can easily find it in the future.

I created a folder called RapidWeaverAddons in my Documents folder.

You can manage where RapidWeaver places the addons folder in the addons manager in preferences.

Thanks, Doug. I saved the Addons folder at a convenient place now.

For some unknown reason I have problems with the connection to my server. In the morning it didn’t work at all. Later on it worked, and now, uploading almost 2,000 files, it is stuck at #42.

Through the deletion of the Addons folder I seem to have lost also the registration of stacks and plugins. I don’t know whether that applies to all or just to some of them.

Anyway, I am relieved that the folder is back on…

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