Where have all my addons gone?

Today, I have deleted a misbehaving theme and re-installed it. Absolutely nothing else was done. I re-launched RW after that and all my themes, Stacks-plugin and stacks disappeared. I was able to re-install Stacks plugin.


When I look inside:

Group Containers > P97H7FTHWN.com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver > Library > Application Support > Addons > Stacks

—the Stacks folder is empty. Same with Themes folder (except, I can see the theme I just re-installed). What happened to all my addons?

  • macOS Sierra 10.12.6
  • RW 8.0.3
  • Stacks 3.6.4

In RW preferences under addon is it still saying “managed by Rapidweaver”?

Yes, it does, Doug!

Are the themes in the themes folder or are these just empty folders?
Do you have other plugins other than stacks, do the show up in the addons folder?

Hope you have a backup like TimeMachine.

Never seen that happen before.

How did you delete the theme?

I have and I posted about it not too long ago. Mine disappeared from RW7 when I upload RW8 demo. Had to reload all themes and addons manually. Have not had an issue since.

Did you by chance opened another version / copy of RW you might have installed/downloaded?

One day before this happened, I had to re-install my OS. After that, everything worked as normal.

Yesterday, I opened RW and after few minutes decided to re-install a misbehaving theme. It was misbehaving since I installed it couple of weeks ago. I quit RW and deleted the theme (@AAron: directly—from Finder), then re-installed it without an issue. I restarted my Mac. Only when I tried to relaunch RW I got error messages, which I described earlier. I had to also re-install Stacks plugin.

@teefers: Like I said before, the Themes folder is empty, except that one theme I just re-installed. But when I check Addons within RW, all built-in themes are showing. Exactly same with plugins, but stacks panel is empty.

@Fuellemann: No, I did not open another version/copy of RW.

@Pete: thank you for chipping in—good to know that I am not the only one.

Like Pete, I just re-installed my addons, taking this opportunity to trim off all the superfluous stuff that I have never used. Hopefully, it will work smoothly now. But my puzzlement at why the addons disappeared in the first place is no lesser than before.

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