Weaverpix says demo after moving site to RW 8

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UPDATE:I found the place to enter the serial by navigating to a Weaverpix page.

I was able to migrate my RW7 project and plugins easily, however much of my site uses Weaverpix, which says it is in demo mode. I can’t figure out where to add my license. I looked in the add-on section.

I wish RW8 supported photo galleries that you could swipe instead of having to click the next button. Just curious why this feature has never been added. If it has, I have not been able to find it.

Thank you!

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Hi @pentimento

Glad you were able to re-enter your license. RW didn’t copy over the license file so all is required, as you discovered, is to re-enter the license into a WeaverPix page :slight_smile:

Happy weaving!


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Thanks Greg!

Doesn’t look like my themes transferred or maybe there is another reason my page looks like this:


I opened the site in 7 and it uses the Pinboard theme.
I tried copying the pinboard theme to the Weaverpix folder where there are other theme folders, but it isn’t showing up upon restart. I also tried adding the theme by Install Theme, but it won’t take it as it is a folder that doesn’t end in .wp. Is there somewhere I can copy the Pinboard folder to? If not, perhaps there is a similar theme built into Weaverpix now…

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Also, the button in Weaverpix to Get More Themes doesn’t work.
My WP theme is from Will Woodgate.

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