I need help with making a comments or reviews page

Ok so I want a interactive site where people can leave comments on topics or products . But I’d also like to be able to edit or erase them in case I get some "trolls " on my site. What is the best way to make a comments or reviews page ?
Any help is appreciated :sunny:

Hey @VenusRising,

My go-to for comments is Disqus: https://disqus.com/

Depending on the page type you’re using you can either use RapidWeaver’s built-in Disqus field, their universal code or Joe Workman’s Disqus stack. Disqus will allow you to edit/delete/reply to etc. comments very easily. They also have spam tools.

Hope that helps,

Based on your description, if you want a single page that collects comments and reviews from your customers, then you could just use a regular HTML code page type and embed a free Disqus comment box into it.

If you want to organise things a bit better into threads (instead of one continual line of comments) then you could opt for a simple forum solution, perhaps using a freemium service like Moot / Muut. You can use the provided code snippet in your project or the unofficial stack to embed it into a Stacks page.

If you want a stack, I have found that Backsnap has really worked flawlessly on my sites.