I need to put multiple images (gallery) inside a news feed in Total CMS

I’m building a website using Total CMS that will have multiple news feeds. Inside each entry I need to have the ability to incorporate multiple images. A gallery would be nice, but not required if there are neat alternatives.

The Total CMS news feed seems to be set up for one image per post. Is there a way around this?

I would have to play around with this idea to see what would actually work. However, you can try using HTML to markup a layout that you like.

You would then use a Total Gallery Admin stack to store and warehouse the images. This will give you easy access to the URL for each image to reference in your code

If it works well and you want to use the same layout over and over then you can use the “Template” feature in the Feed Admin stack.

I will give this a try later.

Thanks for your help. The only proviso, any method I use has to be easy as in drag and drop. I will be handing over the content management to someone who is without much technical training.

At the bottom of my edit page at http://cmssandbox.abundance.fm/stack_demos/images_and_backgrounds/pro_gallery/edit/

There is a “Snippet Generator” that I made using Total CMS.

Would that be easy enough?

The experience could be improved with a little more time.

I really appreciate your help with this. However, any generating and copying of links isn’t going to work. Basically I need a tool where the technically untrained editor types text and drops images. We’re talking retired non-technical people doing this, so any copying of links is going to meet resistance. They won’t want to use anything that looks like code.

Do you have an example as to what the feed is being used for?

Here’s the current site that I have to replace. It’s being manually managed by one person who has to give up the task. there is no CMS currently installed on the site. he goes into each page and manually adds all content.


Look under “Past Events” to see the format I have to replicate. Essentially it is a text box plus a gallery in a news feed layout.

You can add Images into the feed content via Markdown or Hipwig.

Okay, I’m getting a clearer picture here.

Are you working with that same theme or are you building out from a new one?

I’m using a new theme - Uprising. Apparently there will be more stacks coming out for TotalCMS that may solve this issue for me, so I’m going to hang tight for a while and see what emerges. I really do want to keep this down to “type text and drag ‘n’ drop images” level of complexity. I’ll just have to delay implementation until then.

Thanks for all your help. I appreciate it.