I would like the Comic Sans MS font throughout my current Project

Hi all, i know the name of the Google Font i want, “Comic Sans MS” i would like it to be the ONLY Font on all my pages, is there an easy way to do this please ?.
I dont want to go to the expense of JW’s Font Pro Stack.
I have tried Will Woodgate’s free Font Stack, but this only changes the Font in some places and not others.
I have some text boxes into which i put the tags < p> and < /p> at each end of the paragraph but that doesn’t work either, it should work i would have thought, because Paragraphs are ticked in Will’s Font Stack settings, perhaps i am doing something wrong.

As it is a free stack, i feel i shouldnt really be bothering Will with my Question.

I am using Foundation ! and i suppose the Font Pro Stack would definitely do what i want ! LOL.

PS. < h1> and < /h1> doesnt do anything either ???


You can easily do this with Font Pro

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I bet i can, i just watched Joe’s video :slight_smile: , but it is $50, but i dont want to do anything fancy at all, just use one particular Google Font !

I was hoping that someone somewhere had a nice little piece of CSS that would do what i am after, in a stroke. LOL. It looks as if i am asking for the impossible :frowning:


Personally I wouldn’t use comic sans. The font has massive stigma attached to it’s use.

However, if you insist, something like this would get you started - but I haven’t tried it with Foundation.

body {
font-family: 'Comic Sans MS', 'Chalkboard SE', 'Comic Neue', sans-serif;

Dropping it in the CSS, Code area under Settings of RW7 will change it on every page.



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I couldnt believe that my favorite Font was frowned upon, LOL

Thanks @mark , i found this by Googling …

@import url(https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Comic+Sans+MS);

font-family: ‘Comic Sans MS’,serif;

I have just pasted that into all my pages, with 100% success, BUT would it still work WITHOUT @import etc . ???


Have you tried the site styles google import??

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@zeebe I certainly did, it only worked in a few places :disappointed:


@zeebee A THOUSAND apologies young man, i have now discovered why the Fonts settings werent working in Foundation, i had somehow typed in “Comis” instead of “Comic”


It is all ok now :slight_smile:


Later:- I found out that the Comic Sans MS doesnt display on smaller sized screens, @zeebee has helped me enormously in locating the “ZOFF” files and all the other Font files that go towards a very similar alternative Font, called “Comic Neue” :slight_smile:

However, me being a little short of knowledge, can anybody please give me a hand on how to get this FONT into my Rapidweaver Project ? I dont doubt I could take the easy way out and purchase ($50) JW’s Font Pro stack but i dont doubt that is like cracking a nut with a SledgeHammer for my simple needs.

I have asked @zeebee the same question in the JW Support desk, but i thought it would be usefull for other beginners like me, to be able to see what is involved with getting unusual fonts implemented in RW :slight_smile:


Ugh! There are actually people out there who like Comic Sans? Has the world gone mad? I think there should be a child lock on all font stacks which can only be unlocked by entering a special code issued after completion of an accredited typography course, preferably at postgraduate level. Actually, there is at least one worse font, Souvenir. :slight_smile:


@peterdanckwerts That is so funny Peter, I love it. thanks for your input.

I love Comic Sans MS even more now LOL.

I am still in need of some assistance getting that Font across all screen sizes !


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To my eternal shame, I have made a page in Foundation with Comic sans. I only managed to get the headings to work by using Header Plus from Big White Duck, which allows you to specify a Google Font. The Top Bar slogan has not changed to Comic Sans, but you should be able to fix that with Top Bar Surgeon from BWD.

Hi @peterdanckwerts thanks for going to the trouble to create an example :slight_smile:
I have eventually splashed the cash on FontPro, but as i feared i am struggling to get that to play ball with ME !, i sent in a support ticket and i wait for @zeebe 's valuable assistance :slight_smile:

I still dont understand why everybody is ridiculing that particular Font ? I like it anyway. LOL


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@timmytoad Never mind. The main thing is that you like it. Once you get the hang of Font Pro, you’ll find that it is very easy to use and a great time-saver.

@peterdanckwerts thanks for the encouragement :slight_smile: