I up dated OS on my iMac to the latest, Big Sur. My projects disappeared

After up dating to OS Big Sur, some of my projects do not respond on the menu list of the websites I have on Rapidweaver 7. How do i find the missing ones. They show up in the listing but will not respond. When I dragg the sites up from the bottom icon in the bar they are there but do not come up when I click on them. Help

Are you are talking about the list shown on the “Welcome to RapidWeaver” splash screen when you open the application? Those are shortcuts to your project files. I believe RW uses the OS’s “recent files” to populate this list. It’s not surprising that you would lose recent items when you do a major os upgrade.

The project files should still be on your computer in the folder you placed them in when you first created them. If you don’t recall where that is, you can try searching your computer for them. I’d search for .rw which is the extension of RW7 project files. You’ll want to search for ‘any’ and not just ‘name’.

Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 8.50.22 AM

You search bar will look a bit different, because that’s not form Big Sur.

Finally, I do not know if RW7 has any issues on Big Sur. It was released quite a while ago. RW8 was released in the fall of 2018, and is supported on Big Sur.


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