Retrieving prior projects after upgrade

I recently upgraded to El Capitan. My two Rapid Weaver websites disappeared as far as my being able to work on them and update them. I was told I needed to upgrade Rapid Weaver so last night I purchased Rapid Weaver 7. Now how do I reaccess my two websites? Mickio

Micki - don’t worry: it’s highly unlikely that you have lost your Project files :slight_smile:

Provided that you brought over all your documents and data when you installed/upgraded to El Capitan…

More likely that - since you haven’t updated any RW Project files yet to work in the new (RW 7) format - RW itself isn’t recognizing them yet.

Suggest first locating your two RW Project files in the Finder; and then following these upgrade instructions. Good luck!

Where do I find the files in the Mac? I always accessed them directly through RapidWeaver whenever I opened it. Thanks for helping me with a reply. Micki


One long term aim for you could well be to organize your user account in such a way that you do know where they are. Many of us keep a ‘Sites’ directory at the root level of our home directory and save and store all RW project files there.

First, though, either launch Spotlight (single-click on the magnifying glass icon at the top right of your desktop’s task bar), or a Finder window corresponding to the folder where you think the RapidWeaver Project file is hiding (e.g. Documents) and look for files of type .rw or rw6 for RapidWeaver 7 and/or 6 files respectively.

Possibly simpler would be to use Spotlight to locate the RW Project file by the name you originally gave it… e.g. ‘MyFirstWebsite’, or ‘MySistersShoeSite’ etc.

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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That worked. The spotlight and the .rw. In case you can’t already tell, I am EXTREMELY grateful. Micki at Grateful Steps

Any time, Micki - well done!