I want phpjabbers to include the standard online payment facilities...but what info do I give them?

I haven’t used it a ton, but they layout where all the files are stored here: https://www.phpjabbers.com/our-php-code.php

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Ah that’s perfect jason thank you, just what I was looking for.

Hi Doug, I love the look of that Paypal smart button, would love to use it for my shop page, but the whole sandbox thing in their info pages is confusing me. Might look at Stripe instead.

It’s up to you on Stripe vs PayPal. Both are very good payment gateways.

The big thing is to use a solid gateway. Don’t take a credit card “manually” via a email or form.

I’ve looked at Stripe, more coding experience needed in order to implement :(.
I will look for a Rapidweaver Stack that might do something similar.

In fact, there aren’t any of the built in Rapidweaver themes that utilise a shopping cart function are there?

I’ve lost track a bit now on what your are trying to do. Have you moved on from the PHP Jabber script and now looking to add regular “Buy Now” buttons?

Ah sorry I’m up to my neck in it now lol. I have successfully implemented the PHPJabber script into my calendar page here: https://www.thearthouseoasis.com/calendardummy/. I’m excited, it’s coming along nicely :-)). Thanks for the help on this one!

Now I want to start building my little online shop page here, I just have the one item on the page whilst I troubleshoot: https://www.thearthouseoasis.com/shop/.
So I’m looking for a payment button which will have 2 options on it, an option to sell to the uk at one price, and an option to sell abroad for a second price.

Does that help?

Challenging. Assume the processor is Stripe?

First off you are going to need two separate accounts, one for GBP the other for the other currency (assume Euros?). You might find a gateway that will process both currencies thru the one account but the chances are they will sting you on the exchange rate.

So two buttons per item, one in GBP linked to your Stripe GBP account, the other in Euros linked to your Euro account. Other than creating some buy now buttons in Stripe and then adding this code to the page, I don’t know of any other way to do it. I don’t know of of any RWQ stack/product that can do this with having the two currencies on the same page.

@yuzool Cart3 can handle different currencies to different accounts, but you need to set up different pages for each currency, you can’t have both on the same page. I do something similar here: https://www.mailshotmonkey.co.uk/pricing/# using two different but nearly identical pages, the only difference being the currency and price. For that site I wanted to do things the way you suggested, but couldn’t find a solution.

Ooh interesting, ok thank you so much for your input, I will look into that option :).

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