I want to create a page for a language course online

There is a template for this? How can I create an interactive page with video chat between me and the student? Like Skype or similar. Also how to make a page to accept payments, log in page, etc

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Few ideas comes to mind, thought often people use platform that is created for that.

You could create a page with info and CTA’s that takes visitor to Cartloom, Stripe etc integration for payments and login credentials.

For password management you could use PageSafe stack.
Simple solution would be to have login link on footer like this page has: https://www.portableentrepreneur.com/
I think it’s well made site (got me joining the program :smiley:)

I have not tested it yet but apparently one can embed Zoom on page (here’s link for thred
https://devforum.zoom.us/t/embed-zoom-video-to-a-web-server/2882/20 ) Though most coaching programs uses registration and joining Zoom live sessions via email.

Ps. Perhaps you would need more than regular RW8 Template. Check out, Depth, Foundry, Foundation, Poster etc options

Hope this helps forward.

Hi Tapio, thank you, I will try with Zoom even if I am not sure if it is available in Japan and in Japanese since my students are Japanese. I am using Rapid Weaver but I have also Foundry and Foundation.
Thank you again and I will let you know

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