I wish editing text was less clicking

It takes two clicks to enter text, and then one more to exit. I wish I could just point and click where I want to edit, type, then point and click on the next place I want to enter text. Wow that would save a lot of time.


In this case, it would make sense to use a HTML Tag and enter the paragraphs into one field, so you can edit all at once:

Thanks. I’ll give that a try.

Also have a look at the markdown stack, it is a bit easier than writing opening and closing html tags a lot

In Markdown it’s truly trivial:

## 12" Wood Lathe

Condition - Vintage used

Mfg - 

Model # -

Volgate -

HP - 

Vintage - 

### Price - 

Markdown lets you “just write” and takes care of a lot of the formatting for you with just a few hints to help it figure out all the rest.

That said, I’ve heard from people and will likely add more shortcuts for editing text without taking your hands off the keyboard.


update: i have no idea why the forum decided to highlight the word “Condition” in blue or italicize the first line of that markdown code – the forum’s built-in markdown-like formatting is baffling sometimes.

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Oh yes. Markdown is the way to go.

Where do I find more info about markdown formatting, especially line spacing for individual lines. All I seem to be able to do is line spacing for the entire stack.

@bruce Not sure what you mean. Do you mean to write things like poetry? (then put 2 or more spaces at the end of each relevant line). Or do you mean vertical spacing? (if so, then CSS is the way to go. Or you could add HTML to your file for spacing)

@Mathew, First I need to learn how to force a sentence that is longer than one line to justify left, as it is it justifies across to stack and adds spaces between words. Then I need to learn how to format line spacing within the markdown, like using padding between stacks.

@bruce For adding spacing vertically use this general HTML:

<div class="spacerContainer" style="display:block; position:relative; height:20px;"></div>

I use Typinator with a keyboard shortcut for things like this. Obviously you can adjust the heights as you wish.

If you are seeing text justify that’s not a part of markdown! In fact that sounds very strange. Are you sure you are using the default Markdown stack that comes with Stacks?

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@bruce have a look at the free (donations welcome) Scribe stack.


I am using the default Markdown stack.

This is what the text justification looks like in RW edit mode:

This is what it looks like in RW preview and on my published site. Spaces are added between words in the Details sentanace:

@bruce: Wow, that’s pretty bizarre. The only thing I can think of that might be confusing things is a dash (-) usually denotes an unordered item in a list. If you did the same text with a colon instead of dash does it then work?

What you did works perfectly fine for me on a regular markdown editor outside of RW. If the colon approach does not work then provide a link. There is something strange going on and it’s not how markdown usually behaves.

BTW, the content you are presenting may look better as an unordered list: begin each line with a dash. If you need to style more Stacks4Stacks offers a great Lister stack.

I tried without the dash, no difference. It may be theme related.

Site is WIP

I’m not great with CSS. My guess is it’s theme related. Hopefully someone else can help you out more. But it’s definitely not a markdown issue.

The Theme is defaulting all content to text-align: justified;

Try this to fix the paragraphs :

p {
    text-align: left;

or if you want all content try this:

#contentContainer #content {
  text-align: left;

Or change themes.

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The first code works well. Thanks

A big hoorah for Markdown! I use Scribe for most of my content these days and it makes life so much easier.

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