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I usually write body text in Markdown, it’s easy to create section headers (##). But now I need to have some right-aligned text, and Markdown doesn’t do right-aligned text. I can use RW’s native text entry, which uses the Mac OS text engine. But then I lose the headers. Is there a non-CSS solution?
<textalight=“right”> doesn’t work. Or is there a way to convert the ## Markdown headers into section headings using the text engine?

If you are talking about the styled text, it still generates HTML/CSS to do what you want.

How much text do you want to right align?

Is it a paragraph or a single line or an entire section?

Found the answer:

<p style="text-align: right;">—John Doe</p>

Will right align text.

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Glad you found an answer! One of the very nice things about Markdown is you can incorporate HTML snippets into it if you want. Essentially all that markdown gets converted to HTML later.

There are some snippets I use all the time in markdown and have created Typinator shortcuts for them. One is to create some spacing with a snippet like this:

<div class="spacerContainer" style="display:block; position:relative; height:40px;"></div>

You probably don’t want to ton of HTML in your markdown files, but snippets here and there can make some things much simpler to do within one stack as opposed to using multiple stacks.

It would be nice to see a library or collection of those!

Just collect over time. Again, all the ones I use frequently I won’t remember. So I put into Typinator (or TextExpander).

I think I currently only use snippets for spacers, marked text, weblinks (obviously markdown but Typinator makes it a tad easier to enter name of link and link itself), and some other specialized things.

Markdown does over 90% of the heavy lifting for me. It’s fantastic. I just have a few specialized snippets within Typinator for special occasions.

So don’t overdo it. But you already have your first snippet for right align. Not useful for me, but clearly for you. That’s why these small collections will be different for various individuals.

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