Very basic question ref Markdown forced sentence breaks

so in Markdown how would i force a line break

Im trying to write a left justified address but it keeps coming out in one line !
Until it reaches the end of the stack area

jhsdgckjsad ,sjdhgcdhc,auwehfcfiouwehfpiuwep,weiufhiwuehrfpiuwe,weioufhoiweuhfiwe,
But i want

Ive tried the usual stuff - then went and looked at some sites and cheat sheets.
But it either didn’t work for me or the symbols showed up in the sentence
or it did the wrong thing I had lines showing up, italics double spacing , in fact everything except a line break

Just started playing with markdown after seeing it in Foundation - its great , if only for really really long sentences :slight_smile:

normally it’s a double space but there are different flavors of markdown.
If a double space doesn’t work try:

thank you
I did try the double space and others but then got stuck
Ok sorted now , i think it was something to do with the pasted text. Although pasted in as plain text ,
something seems to stop the markdown working. Thought the plain text paste stripped it .
It worked in new markdown stack

Cheers for your response

If you provide the exact text that causes the issue I can probably provide some more specific feedback about what is going on.

thank you but it seems to only cause problems on cut and pasted plain text from Text Edit .

It would be great if you could provide a URL showing the issue.

Cut/pasting from Text Edit is not going to magically solve the problem. You can write with markdown in Text Edit, but the reverse is not true: TextEdit does not automagically convert to markdown. This influences a few things, but one of those is line breaks and paragraph breaks.

Another issue that may be at play is the CSS controlling look & feel of. your theme. Depending on the CSS you may not be getting the look you want due to it (CSS) rather than the markdown usage.

Whatever you use for writing markdown (TextEdit, Byword, Scrivener, etc.) it’s still important to write according to markdown standards/guidelines.

My guess is this is a super simple issue to resolve if we could see exactly what’s going on. Thus the URL is important.