Suggestion to the RM team: A FAQ forum

Having been around this forum for many years now, like most others I see the same “how can I do…” threads cropping up. The most recent is how to add custom CSS to a project.

The search facility on the is site is good, but it doesn’t really pick up the posts, multiply posts, that explains this.

So, why not start FAQ forum, then appoint a few mods who, when they see a good reply to a question in one of the other forums can turn it into a post in its own right and put it in the FAQ forum?

It will cut down on a lot of repetitive posts (not a dig that the guy posting about the custom CSS) and also save on new users frustrations trying to find answers.


good idea.


This is a classic example of a thread that could be added to an FAQ forum.

Also a long time RW and forum user here.

I recall various iterations of the forums which had categories like that. Advanced users contributed tutorials on how to do a,b,c,… things that come up time and time again.

It didn’t last. I don’t know whether certain developers didn’t care for users being encouraged to hack on their themes or stacks or whatever it was… but inevitably all the content was removed. Never any explanation for it.

I worry that a ‘good reply’ for the user (for example how to make a secondary navigation menu less discoverable…or how to do things that the theme was never designed to), is not going to constitute a ‘good reply’ from the product dev perspective … and result in background moans and groans to RMS…

The search function works REALLY well when looking for specific issues.


I find that a bit rich considering that when you guys migrated to this Forum platform none of the built up collateral/corpus, from years of activity from the previous forum, was migrated or transformed into searchable data.



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