New stack - uTubeChannel

The free uTube and uTubeFill stacks have both proven to be incredibly popular stacks. Several people have asked if it’s feasible to embed an entire channel within RapidWeaver; whereby all video’s in a channel can be shown in succession and new video’s are automatically added (without needing to republish the website from RapidWeaver each time). The new uTubeChannel stack will accomplish this, and I’m pleased to announce its availability today.

Simply add one of these stacks to your Stacks page. Enter your API key (fully documented on the website) and the name of the channel to embed. The latest video you upload to your channel will now always be shown by default in your webpage. The standard YouTube® video controls are used, to keep things simple and reassuring for your website users. The video title, play count, upload date and description are displayed below the video.

Optionally you can also display a playlist, whereby your website visitors can click to view other video content you have recently published. The playlist is paginated with older / newer buttons. We’ve purposefully detached the playlist from the main uTubeChannel stack, so that you’ll have complete freedom to place the playlist elsewhere on your page; such as within a sidebar, a theme ExtraContent container or inside a grid stack.

uTubeChannel works on all major web browsers, together with most iOS and Android devices. It’s using the latest YouTube API version 3 (with support for the new transparent-style YouTube controls) and will safely work on websites that have been secured with an SSL certificate. uTubeChannel includes a modest array of style settings, with scope to further customise things with your own CSS markup.

Read more: uTubeChannel Stack by Stacks4Stacks


Nice work @willwood, looks like another useful Stack! :+1:

Have you listed it yet on the Realmac Community Addons section?

I love the sophistication of this stack! I’ll definitely be using this in the near future! // @willwood

Will: Nicely done! Thanks.