iFrame issue on mobile devices in portrait mode

I use a photo gallery package called jAlbum, really excellent. To use it in RW I use the F6 HTML stack and embed the code they generate to display the album in a Frame. It works great except on mobile devices in Portrait mode (fine in landscape). Only the top half of the screen is used. I emailed jAlbum support and they responded:

Yes, there seems to be a problem with the tag the iframe is put into. The iframe is set to use 100% of the available height, but the

is set to a height of 0.

Can anyone confirm whether this is a RW issue?

But the … what? is set to a height of 0? Also… no link? Should we just guess? Provide a link and lets take a look at it and try to offer something more specific.

Sorry, I thought I had included the URL but clearly not:

Can anyone help me with this issue? It is over my head technically sadly.

Is there a reason you are using a stacks Grid?

It looks like the iFrame is taking the space that the grid have given it.

I would put the URL for the iFrame inside of something like Stacks4Stacks embed stacks.

Set the URL to https://www.crickhowell.wales/gallery/ and see if you get a better result.
I just tried it (I set the iFrame Hieght to 700px as well):

thanks so much, this sorted it out. much appreciated.

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Glad it worked for you, Don’t forget if you found Embed useful to consider a small donation to Will.


thanks, will do…

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