Iframe within Joe Workman static height stack not working on iPhone

I am displaying iframe html within a static height stack and it works great on the desktop, but as soon as I go to a mobile platform (iPad, Iphone) where there is no screen cursor, I cannot scroll within the iframe. is there something I can do?

you can see it at https://gigl.org.au/helpout/donations/

the HTML for the iframe is

I have used that stack. Make sure you have enabled the ‘scroll’ feature at the bottom of the page inspector for that stack. The slider will not show when seen in some mobile views, but will be responsive to swipes. Hope this helps! (See bottom of attached screenshot).


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thanks, but the scroll feature is ticked which is why it works when viewed on a desktop. it’s just on the mobile platforms that is doesn’t work.

You do have some errors on the console with some JavaScript.

Hmm, seems to work on my test site:
Anyone else test it on mobile and see if that site works for them??

Edit - I saw that your page has two columns so I set up Page Two to have two columns. And it works that way too on my page.

Edit Part Two - You do have to tap in the box for the scrolling to work, but I did that on yours too and that does not work.

Robert yours works fine. The OP does not. Looks like there is a JS error maybe causing the error:


Yes, it seems as though iPhones and iPads tend not to visibly show the scroll bar, but should respond to swiping. I have the same issue, and have labeled the box accordingly. Mine can be seen here:


Scroll down to ‘About Us’, and use the arrows to open it. Swiping works, but no scrolling bar is visible.

it works fine if I just put text in. it just stops working when I use the iframe html

are you saying that the ASF iframe code is the problem? sorry - I’m not a professional developer and don’t quite understand the console listing

I can maybe send this to the ASF and get them to look at it?

OK, I can confirm this is a bug when using an iFrame. Not sure this stack was meant for an iFrame to be used with it, have a question into Joe about that, but once I know more I will get back to you.

great thanks.

if it’s not going to work, do you have a stack that allows me to handle the iframe like I am trying to do with static height? the iframe content I have to deal with is way too long for my web page to just put it on the page and I am trying to avoid people going to another page to do the donation so I don’t screw up the layout.


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