IFTTT & Siphon or Superforms

(Darryl) #1

Hey everyone,

Is anyone using IFTTT with either Siphon or Super Forms? I’m having issues trying to get my email IFTTT applet to fire when using Siphon and Super Forms. I was just wondering if I was doing something wrong or if it’s a conflicted with IFTTT and Siphon or Super Forms. I can get IFTTT & the stacks to work independently but not together. Any help would be appreciate.


(Ben Costello) #2


I’m having the same issue. I’m trying to use Siphon to add a row to my Google Sheet via IFTTT. I can use the email to trigger the IFTTT so I know the IFTTT settings are correct and it works (it correctly adds the row to the sheet), but I just can’t get Siphon to send the email and do the same.

Anyone got any recommendations? @1LDskyler, can you help?

Many thanks!