More creative fonts to use

I’ve just learned about Google Fonts API, which allows for the use of elegant fonts in websites without being tied exclusively to the limited selection In RW themes. Having reviewed the methodology for use of the google fonts, it seems like one of our 3rd party techie folks could put this type of thing into a plugin or such to enable our use with ease of use. Thanks.

Already done, take a look at Joe’s Letterpress stack. Then you need to see this FAQ. Then you will be good to go!

Edit- Forgot to mention, if you already have text areas and want to change the font, then just add the 2nd stack that comes with the set, called Letterpress Box onto a page, and drop your text sections into that stack, the settings are the same for both, very easy to do!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Rapid Response, too!

There are a number of Google font enabling stacks out there.

LetterPress is one.
Calligrapher from Doobox is another.
Stacks4Stacks have a free one.

We offer one too. Our take on GoogleFonts is here:

Just type in the name of the Google font you want to use, add style options and you are done.

Very cool. Thank you for your rapid response, as well.

Hi Neil,

As @stuart suggests there’s plenty of options out there. If you visit StackCentral and select the Fonts category you’ll find quite a few.


And if you need support for other vendors like,, (beside Google Fonts of course):

Sadly, most (but not all) of the Google fonts are very poor quality. Font Squirrel has a much better range. There are stacks to handle these, too, but you can easily integrate them without a stack.

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