2 themes allowed using Foundation6?

I’ve upgraded to RW 8 and wish to implement Foundation 6 Site Styles stack on my opening home page.
If I understand correctly;
the new “Site Styles” stack is site global and need not be on every page as did old Site Styles. ?
older projects not using Foundation 6 theme present a dialog stating foundation6 is required.
when I change theme to Foundation 6 the old theme banner disappears.
How best to implement a basic banner with Foundation 6 theme?
How to implement a Banner image thats pasted into the General Settings?

The F6 Site Styles stack does need to be on every page, so make it a partial and add it to every page so you only need to edit it in one place.

You need to remove all the F1 stacks in your project and replace them with F6 stacks as you can’t mix and match as you need the F6 site styles for F6 and the F1 site styles for F1.

When you choose the F6 theme, the project is expecting F6 stacks, so you can’t have some pages F6 and other F1.

The sample stack templates that come with F6 include a Hero header example but banners are easy enough to create. Here are a couple of examples in a test project I was playing around with. You would just make the banner a partial and add it to every page. You would not place the banner itself in Site Styles, but the banner would be styled by site style swatches.

seems contradictory to say:
“does NOT need to be on every page” … “and add it to every page” ?
I suppose every page for accessibility ?

the file path to my stack collection seems odd with

Containers/P97H7FTHWN.com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver embedded

/Users/thomasrobinson/Library/Group Containers/P97H7FTHWN.com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver/Library/Application Support/Addons/Stacks

I did an update stacks function but don’t recognize how to differentiate F1 & F6 stacks other than their icons as shown while using RW.

I’m confused as to what stacks can be used with F6 Site Styles and F6 theme of which I only recognize two > Foundation 6 \ Foundation 6 R-to-L

Where did you read that you didn’t need site styles on every page?

You need to use the Foundation 6 Theme for F6 stacks and any other compatible stacks i.e. all Joe Workman’s stacks (other than F1stacks) and stacks from other providers that might be compatible.

The F6 R to L theme is for languages that write from right to left rather than left to right. You can delete that unless you specifically need it.

In your image above, foundation.stack holds all of your foundation 1 stacks, fiundation6.stack holds all of your foundation6 stacks.

Foundation 6 theme is left to right reading Foundation 6 theme the Foundation 6 R to L is Foundion 6 for countries that read right to left.

Do not use F1 stacks on an F6 page and vise versa. All other “non-framework” stacks are fine on either.

a partial needs to be reproduced on each page .

Site Styles is made into a partial and the partial containing site styles goes on every page.

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