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Help Please. I am a novice in using RW. I have RW8 and Stacks 4 and am encountering a frustrating problem. I have a CATALOGUE page that has 4 columns of small images with text underneath. I have made each image a link to the PRODUCT page which has two columns. There is a description on the left and a classic slider image holder on the right which holds 3 to 6 images. Underneath it are the ‘view cart’ and ‘add to cart’ buttons from a Cart 2 stack.
The problem is that most times, but not always, when I am in view mode and click on the PRODUCT page the images are not in a slider but rather are stacked on top of one another and when I click on the CATALOGUE page instead of 4 columns of images the images are much larger and all in just one column.
What am I doing wrong?
Having tried all the options I am now convinced this is a bug because sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. If I edit a page that is not displaying properly, it then displays properly until the next time I visit it.
I am using the HV-Elite theme

Have you got a link we can look at?


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Not yet robbeattie but after hours of fiddling I can tell you that despite replacing and rebuilding every page it still happens but now only on the product page. However if I edit anything on the product page it comes good and plays slider properly. I can then go back and forth to the Catalogue page several times - but if I visit any other page and return it comes back to stacked images instead of slider. What is really frustrating is that it is spasmodic. I suspect that slider is not compatible with the theme. Is that a reasonable conclusion?

Sorry, it’s so hard to help without being able to see the page. What slider is it?

It is Slider Cassic and after losing more hair I have narrowed it down. If the last edit I make is on a page with Slider Classic on it I can go back and forth to catalogue without issues BUT If I go from a product page with slider on it and view two or three other pages (home, about, blog etc) then back to catalogue and click the link to a product it goes awry again
And every time an edit is made anywhere else on the site other than a product page it goes wrong again. Edit the faulty page and it’s right again.
If I am in View mode on a product page which it is not working and make any change to anything on the page it comes right instantly.
It keeps coming back to Slider Classic being the problem.
I think I will have to try another slider - any suggestions?

Have you been in touch with @Lucas, the author of the stack? He may be able to take a look at your project file and see what’s going on?

Hi John, please send me a message with your problematic page to
If your project is bigger than 1MB send me via Dropbox or similar.

Thanks @robbeattie

Thanks Lucas for your suggestions. For those following this thread the cause of sliders not displaying properly until they are edited now appears to lie with either RW8 itself or my desktop. My next step is to re-install RW8 and see if that changes things for the better!

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And a reinstall of RW8 made no difference. The problem still occurs at occasionally. RW8 has crashed on opening a couple of times. Sigh!
Thanks @robbeattie and @Lucas

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