Slider Classic issues

I am having problems with Slider Classic on RW8 project using HV Elite theme and also stacks 4 and Cart 2. I am designing a seed sales site with a catalogue featuring thumbnails each of which is linked to an individual product page which has Slider Classic and Cart 2 on it.
If the last edit I make is on a product page with Slider Classic on it I can go back and forth to catalogue without issues BUT If I go from a product page with slider on it and view two or three other pages (home, about, blog etc) then back to catalogue and click the link to a product, slider does not work instead it displays the images one above the other.
And every time an edit is made anywhere else on the site other than a product page it goes wrong again. Edit a faulty slider page and it’s right again.
Even if I am in View mode on a product page which it is not working and make any change to anything on the page such as raise a margin by 1 it comes right instantly.
I have deleted, recreated, made copies etc and the result is always the same. Can you help please.

It helps if you tag the person you’re trying to contact, in this case @Lucas.


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