Rapidcart Pro Image Display Missing

Hi everyone.

I have been using RapidCart Pro for about 6 months and it has worked great. However, all of my larger thumbnail images are now missing.

I am using RW8 and the Aptenon theme from seyDesign and RapidCart Pro 4.12.0.

I have an online store which shows up with the image correctly on the store page. If you click on the ‘view product’, you get to the description page, which correctly shows the TITLE and description of the product and the thumbnails of the images, but not the larger image above the thumbnails.

The resources are remote as they always have been. and link to resources in RW and also changed them to ‘remote’ and link to the image that was uploaded to the site. The links seem to be correct (as the image displays ok if you click in the empty space), but nothing makes any difference to whether the larger image is displayed above the thumbnails.

The larger image DOES appear in RW in preview mode. Just not on the page once it is published!

Please help. I can’t tell what I’m doing wrong. The online gallery has been working for several months and I have done nothing but add new inventory items! I’d appreciate simple explanations if they exist!

Here’s a link to the online store: http://www.bayouhaven.com/Extras/Extras/Rental_Gallery.php?catalog/all/-/date/1

Thanks in advance.

I looked at the site closer and actually, the functionality has also disappeared when you try to click to add to the cart. No longer works. Again, I have changed nothing on the site. It was working a few days ago.

I did find in the ‘Check Deployed Page’ option for RapidCard that there is a SAD FACE next to the “UIkit 2.27.5” Could this be related to why the online store has stopped working? Please help! I attached a picture of the error page.

Thanks. Samrapidprostats

Can anyone help me with this. No one seems to be responding to Rapidcart Pro problems. My store is down and this is very frustrating! Please help.

Hi @samrini,
as far as I can see the theme contains a JS error that prevents correct jQuery loading required by RapidCart Pro.
Please see image below from Web Page Inspector.

I suggest you to contact the theme developer in order to know how to fix it.

Thank you Rob for the response. This at least gives me a place to start! I appreciate it so much. Now I just have to figure out how to fix a JQuery loading issue!

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