Image gallery/lightbox with different aspect ratios and sizes?

Just wondering if anyone has a recommendation or any thoughts on a Gallery type stack that would allow a bit of freeform design.

I have a ton of images that are all different aspect ratios. Montage2 does a nice job of automatically putting them in a rectangular box but I was hoping there was a way to layout different aspect ratio images with a little bit of freedom.

In a potential layout as below I could probably achieve this with multiple Montage stacks but I’d like to get a lightbox when any image is clicked that would have all the images in it and I think that gets problematic if I’m using multiple stacks.

Any thoughts?

Thanks much.

You could almost certainly do this with SectionsPro and SectionsBOX from Big White Duck. They allow fantastic control over the placement of images in ‘unusual’ formations like this. If you then want all the images to open in a single lightbox you might be able to use Stacks4Stacks free Litebox stack which allows you to lightbox external images.

I think it could be quite a lot of work though. I use Montage 2 all the time and find that by re-ordering images I can usually get the effect I want. Though to my knowledge it won’t let you display those two ‘long’ images at the right hand side which are two ‘rows’ high.


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Sure, you are able to arrange them manually. You are saying you have a ton of images? Then I guess you don’t want to do that.

Have a look at: Foundation | Gallery Stack 3

Justified or Masonry Grid could fit your needs, maybe not to 100%.

Cheers, Jannis

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Thanks for those ideas. For now though and since the client is wedded to the current layouts I’m taking the far less slick approach and building the montages in Photoshop and using HotSpots to trigger a lightbox. Not ideal. Not responsive. But it’s what they want. Oh well. Thanks again.

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