New "Image Lightbox 3" Stack

Hi everybody,

yesterday I released my new lightbox Stack exclusively for images.

It has some nice effects and scales fine.

Image Lightbox 3 was rewritten especially for Stacks 3. Lightbox images on desktops or mobile devices in a fancy way.
Just drag the Stack an drop any number of images. The first one will get displayed on your site and a click on it will trigger a lightbox gallery of all dropped images.

On mobile devices there is support for touch gestures so you only need a swipe to see the next or previous image.

The stack is available for only €3.99 in the first weeks, that’s 50% off.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Cheers Maik



Now that’s a proper presentation of a new product, downloadable sample project, instructions, compatibility, requirements! Nicely done…


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Fantastic value, even at the full price. In fact, I have said that it is too cheap because I want to see you make a decent living. I already have your excellent Stack Lightbox 3.


Hi Maik, seems to be a very nice stack! :slight_smile: One question: is it only possible to add pictures via drag and drop? Or is there also an option to use warehoused images? I’m doing a lot of sites for clients and in these days it’s all about CMS and giving the client the option to exchange images by himself. With solutions like Total CMS I could simply use a TCMS-macro instead of the full image path. This way my client would be able to exchange the pictures by himself. But this would only be possible with warehoused images…

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Do you have some documentation about the TCMS Macros?

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Is that possible with a Link Control, where you can setup a link to an image? Or must it be a simple textfield?

I just bought the stack! Seemed like too good a deal to pass up. I’d be very curious about the CMS inclusion as well. I have a friend who doesn’t know anything about technology but would like to be able to add images, videos, etc. to her page and I’d love to help her. If this can be done easily (I’m learning as well) that would be great!


A simple Link Control would be enough. :slight_smile:

The Stack Lightbox 3 allows warehouse images but Image Lightbox 3 doesn’t. This is clearly indicated on the Barz website.

I don’t now if the infos about the macros are for the public already, so I did send you a pm…

I just added the external image link option for every image. Please let me know whether the auto update comes in and if that fulfills your needs :slight_smile:

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That’s very good news. I see it is now available.

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Hi Maik, I can’t get an auto update for that stack since I don’t have it (yet). My request was just a pre-sale question… :wink:

Having the facility for warehoused images makes all the difference. Just purchased the stack.

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Hi Maik, bought the stack and it does look good. The link option should be fine this way for basic use with Total CMS. For a perfect integration you’d have to contact Joe Workman directly (can’t tell you more here…).

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