Image protection using Box Stacks

Using Box Stacks as a photo gallery in Michael David Design theme “Streamline”. I am able to protect the thumbnail using Defender Image Security, but not the lightbox image it produces after clicking on the thumbnail. Any suggestions?

I don’t know the answer to your question but I am interested in using the image protection stack. Do you know if it is compatible with the foundation theme stacks? Sounds like this stack hasn’t been updated since 2014.

Not trying to be snarky, but how do you keep someone from taking a screen shot?

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It is impossible to keep anything away from people that want to get it. If they know how to look through code, even with these stacks that protect, they can get your images. Foundation does protect images like Defender would right out of the box. Go to the Foundation Website and try to drag and drop or control click and save any image on the site and almost all of them those will not work on. There is one stack that is not as protected than the rest though, let me know if you find it.

Again though if a person wants to get the images from a website and they know enough, they will get them. Even from the Defender’s website, I easily grabbed all of the images from that page without issue.


Cool. Yes, the foundation is protecting the images but I am finding that both the Impact and Jack Stacks within foundation do not have the same protection benefits from foundation. You can see that in my website where the first home page images use Impact. As you scroll down, you will notice jack stack being used for bg images which are likewise not protected. On my portfolio page, the first image is using moving boxes 2 stack, which is protected by foundation.
Any chances of getting Impact and Jack to inherit the foundation protection?

On a Protection Topic: I know this type of image protection is not the ideal way to protect images, but it does make it harder for individuals to pilfer your work for their own use. Yes, if they are really interested, they can take a screen grab but at least they won’t be able to get a full rez saved download.

You cannot. But you can add a subtle watermark and a logo onto each image, if warranted.

EDIT: There are some indirect ways that I have read that might prevent screen capturing. Here is one site that explains the various ways to prevent screen capturing but it is not 100%:

Just open in any browser the developer tools. And bingo, all images are directly available in the resources area.
This is no big deal for anyone… No need for screen capture.

My 2 cents on “how am I able to protect my pictures in the Internet”…


You can’t. At best, you can watermark the image. In any case, the resolution of the image will not be what a thief might expect.

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Thank you everyone for your input. It is helpful. I understand that you cannot prevent those who really want it and have the knowledge to retrieve it. Thanks again. :relaxed:



AWESOME!!! That worked! Thanks for the link :slight_smile: