Image ReSize Update

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know Image ReSize has got an update to v1.3.0

Version Notes:

  • Fixed image sizing in Stacks 3.
  • Add Mobile Touch support.
  • Add auto-centering image when no surrounding text.
  • Fixed link-blocking in surrounding text.
  • Fixed small caption padding.
  • Fixed shadow clipping on large images.
  • If you’re looking for in-page image resizing then this is it :

    Happy Weaving !

    Hi Guys,

    Just pushed out Image ReSize v1.3.1
    I fixed the surrounding text redraw speed - so it should refresh much faster now.

    Thanks & Happy Weaving !


    Just pushed out Image ReSize v1.3.2

    I optimized image animation - running much faster :wink:

    Happy Weaving !

    Hi Everyone,

    Been busy here, so here’s a little update to Image ReSize v1.3.3 - 3rd times a charge you know - & just before Halloween - whewwww !

    • Further optimization of image animation.

    Happy Weaving & Have a Safe Halloween !