Updated ImagePack stack

ImagePack Stack

I’m pleased to announce the arrival of ImagePack.  ImagePack provides a unique 3D ‘Pack’ layout of images and gives the user the ability to see large versions of the image while still in-page.

ImagePack is perfect for any occasion where you want unique responsive image layouts.  It gives you the ability to choose a layout in either a Perspective or a Laid Back orientation.  Images will animate into full view when hovering or single tapping.  When selected, the chosen thumbnail image will animate into full size and shows a customizable Title & Close button.  Upon closing the large image, the image pack reappears and the previously selected image takes its place in the pack.  Google font options and layout options are also provided to create a customized look.

ImagePack supports all modern desktop browsers, iOS & IE10+.  And yes, it comes ready for Stacks 3+.

Be sure to check out the awesome preview on the ImagePack Product Page to see how easy it is to create 3D image layouts.  And don’t forget to take the free demo for a spin and see how you like it.

ImagePack is available today on our Shop Page

Would you like 3D images today?

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Wow! I can’t think of a use for it, but it looks good!

Thanks Peter :slightly_smiling:

Just to get everyone’s creative juices flowing: possible uses could be for a travel agency, family site showing activities, school or church activities, quick product showcase for businesses or just about anywhere where you want to hint at images available, but don’t have a ton of room to show them all.

Hopefully, that will give you some ideas & I’m sure there’s lots of other uses.

Happy Weaving


Hi Everyone,

Just released ImagePack v1.1.0 - which now provides nice gallery navigation functionality for viewing all the images. Supports both desktop & mobile interactions. Take a look: ImagePack

Thanks & happy weaving!