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This is probably simple, but I’m just getting started with RW & Foundry. I created folders in Resources for the various images I want to use. These images will change monthly and/or quarterly. I was playing with the Foundry slider stack to see how it works, and I notice that under the images, the images I’ve loaded, deleted from the slider, and moved around are now showing several times under images. I can find no way to delete them, even if I delete them from the slider. Help please?

You can put anything you want in resources and if you stop using it, RW will not delete the item. It doesn’t keep track as you wight be using it for other items not just images.

This can confuse, they revamped RapidWeaver resources in RW8. The old resource folder (pre-version 8) had a lot of bugs and issues, so few used it.

If you want to take advantage of RapidWeaver 8 resources on a stacks page, the best way is to use the Stacks 4 site image stack. You can drag any image onto stacks 4 pages and it should automatically use RW8 Resources (stacks will put the image into a site image stack).

If you use the image well (drag the image onto the little well on the inspector window) stacks will create a copy of that image and store it internally outside of resources. This means if you use the same image in multiple places and or pages, it will create separate images for each copy. That means the end-users browser will have to download the same image in multiple times instead of reading once and then getting other copies from the browser’s cache.

Another way to do images in RapidWeaver is using remote images (aka warehousing). That’s where you put the images out on the server yourself and then put a link to the image on the page(s). Now doing this gives you more finite control of the images and you take on managing these resources manually.

In the slider stack with Foundry use the Remote Image slide:
You can also do a hybrid image management by placing the images in the resources within RW and using a remote image stack, but set the link to the resource.


Thank-you. The Foundry "Slide (remote image) worked.

I need to put a different type of gallery on other pages, so I’ll “play” around with that before I delete my project and start over since that seems to be the only way to get rid of the extra copies that have been generated. The learning curve is proving a bit frustrating, but I think I’ll get the hang of this yet. :wink:

Thanks again for your help.

If you are talking about deleting them from the resources simply right-click on the image and select delete.

If you are taloking about deleting them somewhere else let us know.

I can delete them from the Resources, but this is the area I’d like to remove them from:

They show up 2 and 3 times with no obvious way to delete them. Even if I delete them from the Foundry slider, they don’t go away. If I re-add them, they appear yet an additional time. Your solution above regarding the remote/ resources worked, but I still have these “holdovers”.

Thanks in advance!

What you are seeing is from the stacks image library. I personally have that view turned off.2020-12-26_14-50-14

If they are showing 2 and 3 times, doesn’t that mean that RW has multiple copies? I’m going to be doing a lot of photos on this site and changing them regularly for our photo club, so I’d like to keep it as clean as possible. When I used your earlier solution, they stopped increasing the copies, but I’d like to clean up what’s there and don’t see a way to do that without starting over… something I’d prefer to not have to do. :grin:

I unchecked the “images” box, but now they show under my stacks and the little blue tag that had my Foundry stacks in it is gone. The Foundry stacks still show under the regular stacks, but after the images. Wierd.

Uncheck both image boxes.

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