Images disappearing from Card stack

I have a RW8 project with about 200 total pages, of which about 100 have personell bios including Card stacks (from Elixir Graphics) with a photo and contact info. These bio pages are organized in 3 different sections of the project.

Last week suddenly about 90% of the pictures from the Cards stacks in just one of those sections vanished. In a few cases the images remain, and in a few the right-side stack inspector shows a thumbnail image in the Image section but the Card still just shows a blue sunrise image. Every blue-sunrise Card stack, when published, shows a broken link in a web browser. I opened an earlier version of the project and when I copy the old version of the Card stack with a good image from the old project into the new project, the Card stack which had been missing an image usually has the image suddenly reappear.

I’ve contacted Elixir Graphics about this and they say it’s either a Stacks or RW issue, but neither YourHead or Realmac have responded to my support request.

Does anyone have any suggestions how I can sort this out? As I work on manually restoring the images where they are missing they (sometimes) after a time disappear again.


Can you just put them on your server?

Are you using Catalina?

No, Mojave. And RW 8.4.1.

joemart1951: I don’t know what you mean. Put what on the server?

the images

What version of stacks are you using?

Are you storing the project file on your local hard drive or on a cloud drive like Dropbox?

Are you dragging the images into the sidebar or directly onto the page?

I have a similar problem (Catalina and RW8), I open a website and my images disappearing from Montage2. I try to download again my images and it’s the same.

Same questions for you.

If you’re using stacks 4, I don’t think Montage2 works.

Thank you, and effectively, I upgraded to stacks 4 !

I am using Stacks 4.0.3. Project is stored locally (not cloud-synced) I always drag images into the sidebar (stack inspector).

That would suggest that it might be a stacks 4 issue. Since you are dragging the image into the stacks sidebar.

Since it sounds like you can recreate the problem I would bet that @isaiah Might want a copy of the project file.

Montage 2 does not work with Stacks version 4. Well, existing deployments will continue to work as normal, but once you upgrade to Stacks 4 you can not add any more images to the stack or create a new instance of the stack.

We did not upgrade the stack to work in stacks 4 as it would have forced everyone to re-create all their existing deployments, we withdrew the stack from sale.

@Doobox So you don’t upgrade the stack, pull it from sale but don’t inform users that it isn’t compatible with Stacks 4. Not very helpful nor in my view professional…

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