Images gone in Stacks page after upgrade RW 8.5.1

I updated RW to 8.5.1 and after publishing a Stacks-page with images, most of them are gone. I noticed this when I checked the page on my website:


And when I opened my site file in RW8.5.1 to have a look, all the image-stacks on that page are empty!


Has anyone experienced such or other weird things with the latest update?


I use a basic Photo Album page for one website and recently more than half the photos are gone. Their names show up in the editor, but only some show the pictures there. On the published webpage only the items that have pictures are listed, the descriptions that are missing pictures don’t appear at all on the published page. I have no idea what happened, but his occurred about the time 8.5 appeared. 8.51 did not fix it for me.

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