Images don't align in RW8 Engineering theme blog page

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This is probably not the smartest question, but hey, I am still a dummy building webpages and I can really use your experience :blush:

When using the ‘blog’ page or ‘styled text’ page in the new RW8 ‘engineering’ theme or ‘future’ theme, images wont align like the used to in RW6.

These are the steps I take:

  1. Drop your image into a text area.
  2. Add text right after the image.
  3. Select the image by clicking on it.
  4. Choose the menu item Format > HTML > Align Image Left.

But this is the best result I get, one line beside the image and the rest under the image:

When I start a brand new project from scratch and don’t change the theme (which is by default the ‘offroad’ theme), things work fine (text is neatly wrapped around the left aligned image). But then, when I change the theme to ‘engineer’ (the only change I make), the text is suddenly under the picture again.

I am sorry that I cannot give you more visual information. My site is not currently published and as a newbie I’m only allowed to post one picture.

Really hope you can help me out. Am I overlooking something?

Thanks in advance.

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It’s not you, it’s the new RW8 themes. The CSS for align image left/right is not defined. As a workaround until this is corrected in an update you can add the following CSS to Inspector > HTML > CSS or Settings > Code > CSS:

.image-left {
     float: left;
     margin: .4em 1em 0 0;

.image-right {
     float: right;
     margin: .4em 0 0 1em;

@dan: you may want to look at this.

Thanks Jeroen, that did the trick :slight_smile:

You are developer and your name sounds Dutch. If that is true, can I contact you? I think I need to hire a professional …

as @el_mourabbi said, the theme is missing some CSS for this feature. Use his workaround for now, and I’ll ensure this is fixed in the next update :slight_smile:


Thanks Ben, it worked!

Enjoy your Sunday.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Sebastiaan Huijbregts


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