I can't Align Text Left in a Stack

(jerry Bran) #1

Sorry about mess above.

I am using RW 7 (7.4)

I can align the text to the center, and to the right. When I align the text to the left, the edit view will appear correct then when I go to preview the page the text is centered. See attached images.

I have copied the text into Textedit as plain text and then pasted it into a new text box and the format aligned left will appear centered.

Any suggestions?

(jerry Bran) #2

Here are the images

(Jonathan Spencer) #3

Try highlighting the text, then go to the Format Menu and Clear Formatting. I bet you copied the text from somewhere and it has kept its formatting.

(Rob Beattie) #4

Which theme are you using? Some - for example, Paramount from Michael David Design - may have their alignment set in the theme settings which will need to be overridden.


(Greg Schneck) #5

what is the url of the page so the code can be looked at?

(jerry Bran) #6

You guessed correctly…theme used …

Paramount from Michael David Design

(Rob Beattie) #7

Just go to Master Style in the left hand column in Edit mode.
In the Theme Styles on the right you’ll see an option to align content text left.