I can't Align Text Left in a Stack

Sorry about mess above.

I am using RW 7 (7.4)

I can align the text to the center, and to the right. When I align the text to the left, the edit view will appear correct then when I go to preview the page the text is centered. See attached images.

I have copied the text into Textedit as plain text and then pasted it into a new text box and the format aligned left will appear centered.

Any suggestions?

Here are the images

Try highlighting the text, then go to the Format Menu and Clear Formatting. I bet you copied the text from somewhere and it has kept its formatting.

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Which theme are you using? Some - for example, Paramount from Michael David Design - may have their alignment set in the theme settings which will need to be overridden.


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what is the url of the page so the code can be looked at?

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You guessed correctly…theme used …

Paramount from Michael David Design

Just go to Master Style in the left hand column in Edit mode.
In the Theme Styles on the right you’ll see an option to align content text left.