Help with Images on Site

I am using the Cardinal theme and my images donโ€™t show up on Safari (Chrome its fine) when I first load the page, however, upon refresh everything loads fine.
The site is
Any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Loaded for me with images first time.

Thank you!!! Are you using Safari?

Yup, latest one available
10 AM

Again, thank you!!! Have a great weekend :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

They loaded for me using Safari first time also (v 10.1.2)

No problem, do you have any ad blockers or flash blockers installed, those can cause issues on websites.

No I donโ€™t.
It is an older Macbook though (2011)?..

What version of Mac OS X are you running? What version of Safari?

Sierra 10.12.6
Safari 10.1.2
Any thoughts?

Nope, as you can see by this video
works on first time for me without issues.

Again, thank you very much :slight_smile: