Webp images not displaying

For some reason that’s beyond me, the site I’m building (using Foundation 6) won’t display the webp images on my wife’s iMac running Catalina with Safari 15. I believe webp support came to Safari in v.14. It works perfectly on our iPhones and my 2017 iMac running Monterey / Safari 15.

Has anyone got any ideas? The test site is here.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Afaik, it is the macOS not supporting webp.

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There was a discussion about this on my Discord yesterday. It turns out that only macOS 11 Big Sur (and later) supports WebP images in Safari. You’ll need to continue providing JPG substitutions if you want to support older web browsers and operating systems.

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Very annoying. :angry: Thank you both.

@willwood do you have a slideshow stack or similar that provides the ability to easily do what you’re suggesting?

[Edit:] ah, yes - your WebP stack is the one! Thanks!

You can also go “native” and use F6 for WebP images with a fallback. Not as obvious but it is available.

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Love it - thanks for the heads-up, @pmjd

Thanks! Paul. I was just about to post that exact video.

If you are using F6, then the picture stack has this functionality built in.

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