Links lost in Firefox preview

(Gerald Cannon) #1

All links lost when I preview in Firefox. All fine in program preview. Any ideas?


(Mark Sealey) #2


By ‘lost’ do you mean the actual hyperlinks behind them don’t work; or that you can no longer see the distinguishing attributes (different color, underline etc) in the browser window?

Have you an online/accessible example. by any chance, please?

(Gerald Cannon) #3

Mark -

I get the following when in Firefox preview mode, from each link.

File not found

Firefox can’t find the file at /private/var/folders/k0/1vw0ccns2n9b97b3f482n8p80000gn/T/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver6/RapidWeaver/27882/document-0x6080003e5a00/RWDocumentPagePreview-2/page4/.

Check the file name for capitalization or other typing errors.
Check to see if the file was moved, renamed or deleted.

I’ll see if I can upload a non-active version of the site. I’ve totally rebuilt exactly as is with updates.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #4

when you preview a page in Firefox or Safari, it just loads that page onto the browser, the links will be links, but they will not take you to the appropriate pages.

(Mark Sealey) #5

cannon, and what happens when you do publish it? Are the links not visible live then?

It looks as though you may have moved a file, ‘manually’; is that a possibility?

(Gerald Cannon) #6

Thanks for the info guys. I didn’t know that the page was all that previewed - not the links.
Now I can’t get the site to publish. No message, just show uploading bar with no movement. This all worked so seamlessly with v5!

(Mark Sealey) #7


Sorry to hear that you’re not quite out of the woods :frowning:

Have you checked all your Publish Site settings?

Does it Export - locally?

If so, can you ftp the exported sites to a server - ideally a newly-created subfolder (called, for instance, something like ‘newsite’) and see it at ‘http://www.yoursiterealname/newsite/index.html’?

If you can’t see it, try creating a small sing-page test site with one Stack or Styled text page; and see if that will upload to a test area. If not, it could well be your Publishing Settings. Good luck!

(Gerald Cannon) #8

Thanks Mark. Got everything published and looking good. Learned a lot.

(Mark Sealey) #9


That’s great news. Thanks for reporting back :slight_smile: .