Images not publishing

I have a website using the Codex theme from Michael David Designs. It’s been working fine up until I made a couple updates on things unrelated to the items I’m posting about.

The 4 images I had slideshow moving in the background behind title are gone.
They’re not in the ‘Resources’ folder when I look using FTP yet they ARE in the resources folder inside RW8.

Any ideas what’s going on?

only 1 of the images is making it to my ‘resources’ folder on the server:

How do I find where my resources (photos) are in the Finder?

Right-click on the resource:

There is an option to "reveal in Finder.

That will take you to the resource within the RW project.

This is what I get when right clicking

You can’t click on the folder but the individual resource.

This will get you inside the Rapid-weaver Project file.

RapidWeaver projects are special folders called packages.
Be careful

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