Problem with my pictures loading to my hosted website

I’ve uploaded my website to my hosting company however, my images do not appear on my new site. I added the resources and image files when I FTP my site.

A link to your site would be very helpful.


The images are coming up as a 404 not found, you can see the link for it here:

Not sure why this is happening, maybe try a Republish All Files and see if that helps.

I tried republishing through both using Rapidweaver and thru an FTP site. Still not pictures on the site. The images do appear in my resource folder. Is this a Hosting issue or still an issue with my Rapidweaver site?

Not sure, but this is why I never use resources, I would rather just upload my images to a folder and link to them that way. Not sure what to tell you, good luck!

I would like to know how I would do that. My images do show up in my resource folder and my css settings point to those images now. I’m too new at this to know how to link them that way.


Hey Bill

In your Project Preferences, what do you have the “Relative to” field set as? Try changing to page if not already.

Also, using the RW menu, mark all files as changed and republish.

If that doesn’t work, a screenshot of your an open file in the project in edit mode with the resources pane visible would be helpful for further troubleshooting so we can see if your images are in a folder, how you are referencing them (I assume using the resource macro)?

Looking forward to seeing more…


I don’t put my images in the resources folder either. I always drag them onto the page in my project where I want them. Usually on a WeaverPix page or just into one of the many image stacks on a Stacks page. I’m assuming that when I do that, they somehow get referenced to their location on my Mac and when I publish they are uploaded to the server as part of my RW project. @wam3mac, how do you put your images on the individual pages?

Of course I may be doing this all wrong but so far it seems to work.