RW not showing all graphics suddenly?

I opened my site in RW 8.7 and I am not able to view all the files and graphics that were there the last time I opened it which was only a few days ago. I closed the site and RW, opening it again with no change. Lots of files seem to be missing? Any ideas? this is very distressing.
There is some corruption on all the image settings regardless of the stack or plug in i am using.

Really hard to say what has casued the problem s you are having. The screenshot is of a video that is dragged into the sidebar of a stack. If they are all stacks pages and the images you are having issues with are like that, it sounds like the Project file itself has become corrupted.

The only recourse I can suggest is to go to your backup (TimeMachine or equivalent) and restore the Project file to a previous version.

Like above, hard to say … but how are you linking your images/resources? Is it drag/drop or? Could it be that the files you’re missing have moved, or something like a folder containing them was renamed?

All my resource files are intact in my resources folder in RW. Nothing has been renamed either. Should I try reinstalling RW?

Well, I wouldn’t go as far as reinstalling your RW. The problem might be with your project file itself. I’d try to see if you could start a test project and see if it has the same issue. Outside of that, do you have you a backup of your current project?

Edit: do you keep your project file on a volume that is perhaps under other influences such as iCloud, Dropbox, etc?

The screenshot you showed is a stacks video. where it looks like you have to drag the Video into the side inspector bar, or is there something I’m missing?

If you drag something into the stacks settings area, stacks create a copy of that image. Even if you drag it from the resources folder, there is no link between what you have in resources folder and what we drag to the sidebar.

It looks as though stacks have somehow lost the video. You can certainly try Reinstalling RW, but I think it won’t help.
Now if you drag an image onto stacks 4 page (the main edit area) then it will create a. stacks 4 site image stack. That uses the RapidWeaver resources. If you use a Remote image where you select the URL and choose resources instead of URL, that uses RW resource folder. Or if you use a Resource Macro, you will use the RW resource folder.

But if you drag an image into the sidebar like the screenshot above, then the stacks plugin makes a copy and stores it separately with a unique name.

I was able to restore from a recent time machine back up and it is working now. Thank you all for your help and advice. It is always welcome.

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