ImageSlider from Cosculture and StackSlider from stack4stacks they don't like each other?

HI All,
I can’t figure out out to have these 2 stacks be friendly each other…
Please see this pages…BTW this happen also in simulate mode, not only on the updload pages.

In this case image slider works ok mouse over the image and all the arrows, full screen icon works.

here again work, I just custom the way that I want and still working.

In the page below is when I add the StackSlider and from this point all the arrows, full screen will disappear from ImageSlider…

Any Idea?


So I look in the server and look the folders and some are not publish, on the page where are have problem.
I delete the entire website and republished and problem persist.
Can stacks or the theme or RW itself creating the problem?

@willwood might give some insight. I think it’s how the JavaScript is loaded but that is just a guess and nothing you could change yourself…

If the problem is happening in RW preview and on the website, then no amount of deleting and republishing with fix things.

The sliders in all three links appear to be working fine for me. Nothing immediately reveals itself as broken in Firefox 65.

Have you tried any normal / standard troubleshooting yourself like clearing the browser cache / using another web browser?

StackSlider is scoped and namespaced. It should not really inflict any damage on other stacks on the page. I think the icons used are still Font Awesome 4, which is what Stacks 3.x provides.

Of course the success of being able to place stacks inside StackSlider varies, as documented already. Some stacks simply do not like to start hidden on page load or being animated within a slider.

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