Info/Question on Barchard/Javabean/Chillidog Image Slider

I purchased “Image Slider” stack from @Barchard Javabean back in Jan 2013. A search now shows it in the stable of “Chillidog.”

I have not updated the pages it’s used on for a long, long time. My copy seems to have stopped working (at least under RW7). Anyone here have this stack?

  • I want to confirm latest version - mine is 2.4.2
  • Does it work in RW Preview pane? mine doesn’t
  • Nor does a new page under RW7 work when uploaded. (Old pages created under v5/v6? are working.)


@barchard, Greg would be your best bet, I’m sure he will see this and get you an answer.

Yes… he has already replied to my email and we are working on it… less than 30 minutes to reply! wow…

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Greg is one of the best! @barchard

no, @LSPhoto, you are the best!
cheers, tomas