Jump stack rocks!

I wanted to write a short post of appreciation to Will Woodgate for his Jump stack. Over time it has gotten more and more powerful with several very nice touches.

The Jump stack essentially lets you do two key things:

  • create a table of contents (ToC)
  • auto create 0, 1, or 2 buttons at the end of your content that can link to other pages (default is next, previous)

More on the stack here:

I’m currently working on a website where the order of content for some of the pages will always change up to about 24 hours before an event. Since there’s a fair amount of content I always wanted to have a table of contents. With Jump I don’t have to worry about manually ordering that ToC: it will auto-order it for me.

Jump has great options. For example, you can tell it to base your ToC on H1 and H2 only. Or H3 only. Or any combination of H1 through H6. In addition it provides nice options for how you structure that ToC: especially how you choose to indent various levels of headers. It all means you can easily make a very nice ToC organized and styled the way you want it. Really indispensable for key pages and projects.

It’s definitely worth a look!

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Will and his work always deserve the highest praise, i agree. They just go on getting better :slight_smile: