Impact Banner with video not working on smartphone or tablet!

Hello, I want to use impact as a videobanner but on a mobile phone or tablet it is not shown. On a regular computer though. What can be the problem?
Greetz, Tom

Does your video have sound? Can’t auto play on mobile if there’s audio.

It’s without sound.

This is from Joe’s Impact FAQ " Video slides do not appear on mobile devices. The reason for this is the iOS does not support autoplay for any video. Therefore, there is not way to start the video. Impact fallbacks to the video poster."

I think Sections Pro will allow video on a mobile, but not 100% as I’ve never tried it. I think video on any mobile device is not good for users.

That changed, I think it was iOS 11? They now allow videos to auto play without sound track.

My understanding as well is BWD’s Section Pro works. Never tried it (nor would I) so can’t say for sure. To many folks have limited data plans or on slow connections.

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I know, but that was copied text from Joe’s Impact FAQ. I’m just the messenger.

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I’m using BWD’s Sections Angle and it works fine on all browsers and mobile devices. Check it out

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