Impact Feature request

Impact is perfect to display a TotalCMS Gallery Slideshow. What I miss is the option to show only pictures with a special Tag, for example ‘Slideshow’.
I think this would be very useful. In this case one TotalCMS Gallery could contain all Slideshows for a Website and it would be very easy to chance the Slideshow content for a Project or Event.

Since you do not have to have a gallery show on a content page, only an admin page, you can have as many galleries as you want. Why not make a gallery with an ID of Impact and then the client can just upload images for the impact to that gallery and all other images to a separate gallery?

That is what I have now and of corse it works. At the moment I use 2 Galleries for each user, one is only for the slideshow. But always both Galleries contain the same pictures.

I think the option to use Tags is much smarter. Only one upload and to change the Gallery content is much easier then to delete pictures and upload other pictures again while they are still in an other TotalCMS Gallery available.