Impact image doesn't show in RW8

Started a new project and so doing it in draft mode and not yet connected to a hosting company and/or (ftp) file, so the image is ‘locally’ and not yet ‘warehouse’. So started my project in RW8 and I normally use Impact Hero Header for starting the Home page. But for some reason, the image just does not want to show in preview (only in Edit mode) despite having all the settings the same as in my other projects, which are in RW6.6.

According to the Rapidweavercommunity Impact should work with RW8.

My project is on versions:

  • RW8
  • Stacks 4
  • Theme: Foundation (Joe Workman)
  • Stack: Impact (Joe Workman)

Anybody got any suggestions?

Works for me…ask @joeworkman

Yes, I already invited him.

One thing to always test is adding impact to a new page and preview. Does it work then? In the page that does not work, if you preview in the browser, are there any errors in the dev console?

I found an error within Sitestyles, using Google fonts. I read somewhere that using a fast loading font, e.g. from Google, would speed up loading time of your website. So, this time, trying to use it.

For testing the Impact image, I created a page without my changed Sitestyles stack, and it loads just fine in Preview. This is the Sitestyle I have for my new project:

I know that Google Fonts is cap.sensitive, so I took exactly how it is on the Google Fonts site.

Btw, what to fill in at Text Selector?

Those setting look ok to me. I would need to see a published page of project file in order to see what the actual error is.

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