Impact (JoeWorkman) + Play (Doobox) work, RapidWeaver 7.0.2 fixes Resources issue (SOLVED)

“Play” by doobox and “impact” by Joe Workman does not work with RW7 / Safari.
Does anyone has the same problem? and a solution?

Kind of hard to help with just your basic statements. Do you have a URL? Have you contacted support for both developers?

not yet. But I wanted to know if I had to wait for a update.

“Impact” does not work for me, even in preview RW7

I don’t have play but Impact works flawlessly for me. See this video:

What version of the Stacks plugin do you have???

You can see that site here:

Yep, Play work just the same in RW7 as RW6. If the problem persists, drop me a support mail from the site please, with a url to your page showing the issue :

thank you ! Yes it works with Impact / pictures. But not with a video. (same problem with “play”).

Thank you. I’ll do that. On your side, “Play” does it work properly in preview / RW7 ?

Play will preview a self hosted video within Rapidweaver. If you have chosen the YouTube option, then you won’t see that play until it is published. But you will see a big red label on the stack telling you this when you preview within Rapidweaver.

See, details like this helps when you ask for help. Again, it works for me, see the URL again

Impact does not show a video for me too.

my videos are self hosted. et no preview in RW7 / Safari. But it works with Firefox / preview

Just get on to me via support before I finish for the day, and we’ll get a few screenshots off you, or a copy of your project file. It will be something simple.

I think the problem is not serious. I exported the site into a folder and it works. It seems that the problem concerns only the “preview”. I think it is a problem of RW7 / Preview video. (same problem with '“impact” / video)

Well 8:30pm here now, so I am done for the day. But I will take a wild guess at the issue you are seeing.

When using self hosted video, Play offers you two links to two video files. You should have both video files on a server , and link to both.

Mp4, for Safari Chrome etc etc, and webm is a backup for Firefox.

The behaviour you have described suggests on the face of it that you have only linked to a webm video file.

Is this happening in Preview?? (has never been said yet if so, but I am getting that this is the issue).

Unfortunately, this works for me, in Preview, Preview Safari and Publish.

yes black screen on preview. But it works with preview in Firefox and export in files (safari, firefox, chrome etc…)

What is the URL you are using for your video??

Yes, in preview and preview in Safari. No video. It is in resources and linked. I just saw it right now.

Then this sounds like a RapidWeaver 7 issue and not an Impact issue. Resources and links are on their end. I would contact Realmac Support.

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