Flash Embed stack by Joe Workman


Just tried Joe Workmans flash embed stack. Could not get it to display in preview -even after i uploaded the swf to the server so that it would have an http: url. This is interactive flash content - a book to be precise. Since its not a video there doesn’t seem to be any documentation on it. I can create a separate html page with the flash content, but I’d like to have it embedded in the page I am working on.

Any ideas?

Does this ever happen to you? I try and try to do some task, with no real results - until I go onto a forum such as this and state my problem. Then in desperation I try something that dawned on me after I posted, and whalla! Success!

After exporting page, then uploading page (and its directory folder) to the server, the flash works on the uploaded page. So I go back to RW, refresh the url, and still no flash in the preview. Then I open the local html in the RW save directory, and the flash is working! Then I go back to RW, stil no flash in preview. But then with the RW preview still opened, I went back to the local html opened in browser. It was still working. Then back to RW preview and now it’s working there.

But only if i click back and forth between a ‘live’ page and the preview in RW.

This is not exactly what I would expect, but at least I can edit dimensions and get the display where I want it. I guess this is a ‘workaround’?

I’d still like to just open the page i’m working on in RW without having to have another page open in a browser -that seems just too much like zen/digital magic than intended functionality, so if anyone has a better solution I’m still open.

You could try previewing in Safari from RapidWeaver. Command-P will do this.

That is a “print” command.

Not in RapidWeaver 6

after upgrading to 5.4, to fix a minor error, a lot more errors happened. I tried vs 6 as demo, and had same errors as 5.4, plus I would have had to reconfigure everything to 6 which would have forced me to buy it, and essentially lose all my work - (because it did not work for me) I saw no guarantees that I could revert, other than making extra backups of everything - 6 did not impress me. I did find an option to r-click on the page in the WEBPAGES rollout and get preview options in google, firefox, as well as safari.

I have since gone back to RW vs 5.3, as it is just a lot more stable.